7 Cities 1.1 iPhone iPod Touch

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7 Cities 1.1 iPhone iPod Touch

7 Cities 1.1 iPhone iPod Touch | 39 MB

7 Cities Tower Defense is an aquatic variation of the standard tower defense game for the iPhone and iPod Touch. This game is actually quite addicting and offers up a good deal to help differntiate it from the pack.

In 7 Cities Tower Defense, you�ll be protecting one of seven different maps from the waves of invading pirates. All of the maps take place along the Amazon river, meaning that the invading forces are actually ships and sea creatures as opposed to ground and air troops that we�re use to seeing in most tower defense games. You�ll be able to place five different towers on the grid. What�s really cool about this game is how they handle upgrading your towers. First off, the towers gain experience from kills and can level up on its own. As it does that you�ll be able to specialize that tower in one of two different ways if you�ve unlocked them. To unlock them you need to gain red gems earned by playing full campaign or survival mode games. You can�t spend or change your red gems while you have an active campaign, so the game basically encourage you to keep playing the game for better powerups.
7 Cities Tower Defense could easily fall into the generalization of being just another tower defense game. There are a good handful of the out there all ready, but 7 Cities does a great job at offering something a little bit different.


* 7 unique hand-drawn maps ranging in difficulty and design
* 2 game modes: Campaign and Survival
* 7 towers: each with an unique look and abilities
* Upgrade your towers and level them up
* 12 individual tower skills that can be unlocked and acquired as towers gain experience and reach higher levels
* A wide variety of enemies: from small scout ships to gigantic creatures of the deep seas
* High-quality 2D graphics, animations, fully dynamic particle systems featuring fire, smoke, ice, and fireworks!
* Original music and sound effects (or you can listen to your own iPod music while playing)
* Camera pan & zoom
* Save & load any time
* Online high score submission & ranking (http://neptune-studios.com/7/highscores/)
* Pirates!