Last Scenario

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Last Scenario

Last Scenario
Roleplaying | 65 MB | English
by SCF 2007

Last Scenario puts you in charge of a self proclaimed town protector named Hilbert who is nothing more than a boy at the beginning of the game who is soon to become the savior of the world. Your first task is to rescue a kitten who was last seen in an abandoned mine… but what are these eeevil mobs doing there?

If this sounds a little bit to cliched for your taste you should wait and see how the story unfolds.

Last Scenario

Visuals are excellent as is the gameplay. You move around freely most of the time just like in the old Zelda games. Random encounters appear if you are not in town and the fights are turn based. It is basically your choice of action (attack, spells, defend, items, run) and then the enemies.

You do get some comrades in the course of the game which means that you have more options in combat and control the game with the cursor keys, C and X.

This is v1.21, the most recent version of it.

MD5: 4576CB963B8891851A74C722808F346F

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