Mall Tycoon 3

Posted By: hawkeyexy
Mall Tycoon 3

Mall Tycoon 3 | 156 MB

Mall Tycoon 3 delivers a dynamic new 3D environment, expressive shoppers, and trendy and customizable stores that will bring the mall experience to life like never before.If the player is doing their job right, shoppers will be content and will spend, spend, spend! If their management skills are lacking, the gamer will see it on the shopper's faces before they exit the mall forever.
Game features:
* 50 regular levels
* 50 bonus levels

System Requirements:
Pentium II Processor 800MHz, 128MB of RAM, 8x CD-ROM Drive, 750MB of hard disk space, Direct X 9.0 Direct3D Video Card (with DirectX Support) and Sound Card (with DirectSound Support)