Pinball HD 1.7

Pinball HD 1.7

Pinball HD 1.7 | Mac Os X | Games | 180 MB

Pinball HD – simply the best Pinball for Mac OS X – awaits you. Each table – Wild West, The Deep and Jungle Style – is its own masterpiece. You'll be stunned by the action's degree of realism. This is a REAL, professional pinball simulator with stunning 3D graphics and realistic physics.


✔ Three tables with unique graphics, instructions, missions, settings and characters.
✔ A wonderful 3D engine that does true justice to the Mac's graphic capabilities.
✔ Realistic physics.
✔ Different camera modes: the ball-following "flying-table" view and static, "full table" view.
✔ Unique soundtrack with atmospheric music, sound effects and voices.
✔ Stereoscopic imaging option (requires anaglyph glasses). You can choose between red-cyan, green-magenta or yellow-blue lenses.

Requirements: OS X 10.6.6 or later

Updated: Jan 16, 2013