Alive 4-Ever 1.2 iPhone iPod Touch

Posted By: bityan
Alive 4-Ever 1.2 iPhone iPod Touch

Alive 4-Ever 1.2 iPhone iPod Touch | 41,4 MB

I would like to be quoted as saying that Alive 4-ever will be the first iPhone game to be made into a movie, and that it will, without a doubt in my mind, be directed by Uwe Boll. Boll will then go on to fight the critics of his poor movie in Vegas during a widely publicized “Raging Boll 3″. He will then certainly call at least 4 people, including Michael Bay and Eli Roth, “retards” in response to their accusations that Alive 4-ever is a total flop because of a pitiful script, poor acting, and no visual direction. This prophesy is by no means an indicator of a bad game, it just seems like Alive 4-ever is a perfect Uwe Boll disaster.

Much like iDracula and Minigore before it, Alive 4-dead is a top down, two joystick shooter. The basic idea of every game in the genre is to walk around with the left joystick while using the right joystick to aim/fire. There is really nothing to the genre other than walking around shooting, but each game in the genre does give a certain amount of extra stuff to do in the meantime. Alive 4-ever is a bit different than the other top down shooters in that there are real levels, real objectives, and a pretty cool RPG element that allows you to choose between characters, upgrade your stats/guns, and use accessories.
Being an RPG, there is a minor story involved, one in which some pharmaceutical company made a drug of some sort that turned people into zombies. The government goes out and blows up the city, killing all but two people, Taza and Anna. As the story goes, the zombie infestation spreads and the government sends out Steve and Wallace, along with the two survivors, to wreck havoc on the zombie population; find out what happened. It all sounds very Resident Evil-ish to me, but I’m quite alright with that. Just give me something to kill.