Astral Masters

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Astral Masters

Astral Masters
Strategy | 9 MB | English
by Apus Software 2007

Explore your strategic thinking to defeat super mages and wizards in this magical card experience! With elaborately themed environments and mystical graphics and images, Astral Masters is a battle card game like no other.

Challenge your brain with a quick game or play online with your friends. This game is easy to learn yet hard to master. Its addictive qualities go way beyond your standard strategy game. Get hooked today!

Astral Masters

The tactical game ends up being quite a bit more about creatures, as you can't have cards in play that aren't creature cards. You can cast spells, but they all are, essentially, instantaneous and either have an immediate effect on creatures in play or the other player.


MD5: AD19F0A0BE7C64B3EEFC8F9F223436B3

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