Battlezone 2

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Battlezone 2

Battlezone 2 | PC game (98/Me/XP) | Year: 1999 | Size: 630mb (unpacked)

I’ve very surprised why not many people have heard of this game. In my opinion its one of the best games ever made. If you like rts and fps this is the game. This is largely because it is so good. You play a soldier in a conspiracy theory present where world governments have built a secret army in space from an alien metal found before Battlezone 1, investigating the loss of the Voyager 2 probe. As the story unfolds, you learn more about the alien species you are pitted against, gaining rank and with it ability to command new vehicles, from tanks to bombers to APCs. Its unique selling point (or non-selling, as the case may be) is the fact that you yourself are on the battlefield, and can hop into almost any vehicle and take the fight to the enemy yourself, in a fusion of C&C and futuristic tank sim.

Battlezone 2

There are probably thousands of copies in a warehouse somewhere just gathering dust. Buy this game, and don't let that be the fate of one of the Forgotten Greats in gaming history. Battlezone II is completly original, (except for maybe the original Battlezone), and you will find nothing like it anywhere else. Highly recommended.

Battlezone 2

A few words more:
Battlezone II is a tactical RTS where you sit in the cockpit of a hovertank in the battlefield. By means of an intuitive user-interface, you must build bases, construct units and configure their weapons loadout, organise resource gathering, and accomplish your mission objectives. However, because the game places you in the battlefield, you're in the line of fire and you'll end up fighting alongside your troops as well. Although this sounds like a very daunting task, the interface is extremely easy to use and the missions provide you with a gentle introduction to the various concepts of the game.

Battlezone 2

Through a sequence of missions, the game gradually reveals the underlying storyline. Depending on the choices you make in the game, this story has two possible endings. The plot of this story is actually quite good, compared to many other games, and it does not interfere with gameplay at all.

Moving on the technical quality of the game, I found the graphics superb (and they're still good today) but the AI has its limitations. The different units seem to attack the right structures in your base and pose a reasonable challenge in a fight but their overal tactics and base building strategies are fairly weak. However, because the missions have been extremely well scripted, the AI limitations are hardly noticable in the single player campaign. For replay value, though, you'll have to rely on the games multiplayer features.

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