Cg Academy - Intermediate Rigging 3 Skinning Techniques

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Cg Academy - Intermediate Rigging 3 Skinning Techniques

3 Hours 10 minutes 2.7Gb

29x98Mb + 1x60Mb

In this DVD Paul deals with many of the aspects of skinning a character using 3dsmax's Skin modifier. Starting with weighting via envelopes Paul then moves on to build on this foundation with weight painting and blending. Further control is then added via muscle bones, skin deformers and springs for dynamic flexing of the Ogre's stomach.
This DVD is aimed at 3dsmax users that are familiar with the basics of rigging such as IK and FK systems, Expression, Script and Reactor Controllers and so on. The DVD along with the others in the series aims to take those fundamentals skills to the next level and to allow you to create production level character rigs that are flexible, easy to use and fast to work with.

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