Computer Power User: January 2006

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Computer Power User: January 2006

January 2006 - Vol. 6 Issue 1

Buy The Perfect PC
The Top Systems Strut Their Stuff
PC Hardware, Meet Power User
Power User, Meet The Pieces For Your Next Upgrade

What's Happening
Digital Economy
The Saint
by Alex St. John

Dream Hardware
Get Wet In A Hurry
Watercoolers: Great Performance Plus Easy Installation?
Ultracompact Pocket Cameras: More Power, Less Bulge
SLI Is Reborn In nForce4 SLI X16
2GB Memory Kit Roundup: Are They Really Any Faster?
Logitech Z-5450
ADS Tech Instant HDTV
Intel 2.8GHz Xeon DP Paxville
ATI All-In-Wonder X1800 XL
XFX GeForce 7800 GTX 512MB
Maxtor Shared Storage Plus Drive
Apple iPod With Video
Abit AN8 Ultra
Voodoo PC's Omen Elemental: Oh, What (A Lot Of) Money Can Buy
Intel’s First 65nm Processors: Any Call For Excitement?
Xmas FPSes: Rack ‘em : The Shark Tank 900 & 39 Long Legs!

PC Modder
Tips & Tutorials
Thar She Blows!: Lower System Temps With A Blowhole Mod
Advanced Q&A Corner
X-Ray Vision: HD Content Processing On The PC: Pushing PCs To The Limit
White Paper: Intel’s Multi-Core Processors Move Forward: A Look At The Past, Present & Beyond

The Bleeding Edge Of Software: Inside The World Of Betas
Up To Speed:Upgrades That'll Keep You Humming Along
Video-Screen Capturing Programs: Helping Visual Learners
Symantec Norton Ghost 10.0
SageTV Media Center 4.0
Paragon Software Partition Manager 7.0
Enteractive WinCleaner Complete PC Care
Technology Really, Really, Really Sucks
How Long Before Longhorn Ships?