Sound on Sound - December 2006

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Sound on Sound - December 2006

Sound on Sound - December 2006
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Apple Mac Pro
Desktop Workstation Computer
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With 64-bit quad-core processing in every model and the ability to run both Mac OS X and Windows, is the Mac Pro the computer all musicians have been waiting for?

Book Review: Recording The Beatles
By Brian Kehew & Kevin Ryan
Could this book be the definitive guide to the Beatles' recording sessions?

Cakewalk Sonar 6
MIDI + Audio Sequencer [Windows]
Another major upgrade for Cakewalk's DAW software adds powerful new features, and provides hands-on control at a touch.

Carillon TI Plus PC
Music Computer
Carillon's new TI series sees them incorporating affordable, no-nonsense music PCs into their familiar rackmount cases.

Charter Oak SA538 & 538B
Multi-pattern Tube Microphones
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Can mics at this price really compete with the classics? Sound On Sound puts them to the test…

Cwejman VM1
Analogue Voice Module
Swedish designer Wowa Cwejman has built a reputation for exclusive analogue synths. Now he's going modular, starting with the VM1 Voice module…

Dave Smith MEK
Analogue & Digital Synthesizer
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Pushing at the boundaries of synthesis, as ever, Dave Smith's Evolver range continues to, er, evolve…

Digidesign Strike
Pro Tools Virtual Drummer Plug-in
A new drum-based instrument from Digidesign combines instant gratification with a huge sound library and plenty of potential for editing.

DPA 3521
Modular Stereo Microphone set
DPA's innovative modular design, combined with diminutive parts, means that the 3521 gets to the parts other mics can't reach…

Focusrite Saffire Pro 26 I/O
Firewire Interface [Mac OS X/Windows]
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Focusrite take their Firewire interface range to a new level with the competitively priced Saffire Pro 26 I/O.

Guitar Technology
Gear Reviews, Tips and Techniques
• Graphtech Ghost piezo and MIDI pickup system
• Intelli IMT 500 clip-on Chromatic Tuner
• Guitar technology news

Korg Micro X Synthesizer
They say that good things come in small packages — but just how much synthesizer can Korg cram into the tiny Micro X?

M-Audio Black Box
Guitar Processor & USB Audio Interface
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The guitar modelling revolution continues apace with M-Audio's latest interface.

MOTU Ethno
World Music Software Instrument [Mac/PC]
This new software instrument majors on lively and evocative loops and phrases that can be flexibly combined to create convincing world-music atmospheres
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