EJGE Slope 2004 - Slope Stability Analysis Software

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EJGE Slope 2004 - Slope Stability Analysis Software

EJGE Slope 2004 - A geotechnical software
1.5 MB Compressed RAR File | OS: Windows ALL

Slope Stability Analysis by Simplified Bishop Method

Any shape of soil profile can be considered,
Change any parameter and Enter/Click for immediate re-calculation
Any consistent unit system can be used (SI is default)
Very easy to learn and to use
Several soil layers with different properties can be considered
Single circle can be specified
Single center can be specified and R range scanned by the program
A grid of centers can be specified for minimum FS search
Output of details can be requested– down to slice weights
Pore pressures are specified either by an ru coefficeient
or a fixed GWT elevation
Data, results and a graph (cross-section) can be printed out
Help screens explain the theory and the program usage

RAR Password: slope2004