LatPro RDA v1.4 - Professional Lateral Engineering Analysis Software

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LatPro RDA v1.4 - Professional Lateral Engineering Analysis Software

LatPro RDA v1.4 - Professional Lateral Engineering Analysis Software
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LatPro 1.7 RDA allows you to easily calculate wind and seismic forces for rigid diaphragms. LatPro 1.7 RDA still prints a full report ready for submittal to your building department.

- Analyzes flexible AND rigid diaphragm forces.
- Uses simple-to-understand windows that lead the user step-by-step to model their structure. Some examples of LatPro's windows are here.
- Calculates the shear on each wall and generates a list of shear walls that will support the load. LatPro suggests which wall to use, but allows the user to override the suggestion with a stronger wall. Users can select from either LatPro's site-built walls or Simpson Strong Walls. If the user is not satisfied with either, LatPro provides a method for creating user defined shear walls.
- Complete Simpson and Hardy Frame shear walls and connectors.
- Calculates the on-center spacing of LTP's to transfer shear from the diaphragm to the vertical components.
- All data entered into LatPro is easy to edit or remove. Structural designers can quickly compare and optimize designs with LatPro instead of wasting time with tedious hand calculations.
- Analyzes both the wind and seismic forces on a structure simultaneously.
- Models structures up to 3 stories tall.
- Allows the user to define up to 12 diaphragms per story, which allows complicated structures to be broken into sections that are quick and easy to model.
- Allows for over 25 gridlines per story per direction (North-South and East-West).
- Allows up to 8 unique shear walls per grid line and allows the user to define a shear wall as asymmetrical. This permits shear walls to have different floor types below. For example, one side of a wall may be above a raised floor and the other side may be above a concrete slab, which requires different a strap or holdown on each side.
- Calculates Lap Splice Nailing and the maximum chord and collector forces on a story by story basis.
- Calculates Diaphragm forces for defining Diaphragm construction. Also calculates appropriate forces based on any diaphragm openings.
- Generates a list of connectors from Simpson that will adequately resist the uplift and suggest which to use. Again, the user is able to override the suggestion and select a stronger connector or define their own strap or holdown not included with LatPro.
- Saves user defined shear walls and connectors and includes them in suggestions when specifying.
- Allows specification of posts and post connectors
- Generates a detailed report documenting all the user's inputs, project name, and date, as well as the calculated outputs including the specified shear walls, straps, and holdowns. LatPro's reports are very easy to understand and were designed to be submitted to your building department. The user can export some of the results into CAD.
- Provides an Error Check algorithm that analyzes the model for errors and notifies the user of necessary corrections.

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