Loquendo TTS Voices for Windows

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Loquendo TTS Voices for Windows

Loquendo TTS Voices for Windows | 823 MB

Loquendo TTS software brings you truly natural sounding voices able to read any kind of dynamic data and prompts in your server-based, multimedia, embeddedand multimodal voice applications.
Loquendo is the very first company to bring expressive synthetic speech to the market: new, high-quality voices guarantee Loquendo's market leadership in quality, efficiency and portability as well as in pronunciation accuracy, natural timbre and intonation.
Loquendo is the only speech technology vendor that provides a complete product line guaranteeing the same wide range of high-quality voices and languages, and the same core engine for all these environments.

The Benefits For You…
Give your users the best available TTS technology for email reading, live news, accessing business documents, e-learning, entertainment, automotive telematics and any embedded application – there are no limits!
Loquendo’s truly lifelike TTS means there’s no need for costly, time-consuming pre-recording, and it enables the rapid deployment of vocal services that customers will love using.
Loquendo’s voices are expressive, clear, natural and fluent: they have been enriched with a repertoire of “expressive cues” that allow for highly emotional pronunciation.