Desktop Collage (Dynamic Deskscape for Vista)

Posted By: abbadon23
Desktop Collage (Dynamic Deskscape for Vista)

Desktop Collage for Stardock Deskscapes | 1.4 MB

Turn your desktop into constantly-changing photo collage with the Desktop Collage Dynamic Dream from Stardock Design!

This is the second dynamic Dream released by Stardock Design and one of the most anticpated Dreams since the first announcement and preview of DeskScapes' dynamic content capabilities.

Desktop Collage takes photos and images you have on your computer and randomly places them on your desktop, creating a collage that is always shifting and never the same. Photos are framed in white and layered on your desktop, fading to gray over time as newer pictures are added.

All you have to do is fill a folder on your computer with your favorite photos, and using the configuration options in the Desktop Background window tell this Dream where the folder is, and you're in business!

In order to properly install this Deskscape is needed to change the system SID, software and instructions are included on the file, or you can also download it from Micr0soft. Remember, it is a Windows Ultimate addon, unless you find the way to use it on non ultimate versions (try Go0gle)