Blissful Dream (Dynamic Deskscape for Vista)

Posted By: abbadon23
Blissful Dream (Dynamic Deskscape for Vista)

Blissful Dream for Stardock Deskscapes | 44.2 MB

Grass sways lazily in the breeze in these three beautifully rendered animated desktops for Stardock DeskScapes.

Blissful Dream is an updated package of animated wallpapers from Stardock Design. This is the second of our triggered dreams, where your wallpaper changes automatically based on the time of day. Included in the package are:

* Blissful Sunrise/Sunset-
The animated wallpaper shown off by Microsoft at various press events leading up to the release of Windows Vista, and is the first premium Dream from Stardock Design. (Plays starting at 6am and 6pm)
* Blissful Day Dream -
The same beautifully rendered scene in full mid-day splendor. (Plays from 8am until 6pm)
* Blissful Night -
Darkness falls across your desktop as night falls outside your window. A scene of summer night provides the perfect background to your PC as the day draws to a close. (Plays from 8pm until 6am)

This one used to be free, now it´s a "Master Skin", anyway this version is unprotected, just copy to your deskscapes and enjoy.