Resco Audio Recorder v4.00 - audio recorder and player.

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Resco Audio Recorder v4.00 - audio recorder and player.

Resco Audio Recorder v4.00
English | Pocket PC | 3.5 MB

Resco Audio Recorder 4.00 (July 04, 2007) - is complete audio recorder and player, with support for WAV, MP3, OGG Vorbis, Speex, RAF formats and M3U playlists;
- armed with voice activated system (VAS) for gapless recording, spares memory space and with gain control, which makes recorded sound as loud as you need;
- powerful editor with ability to cut, combine and export;
- optimized just for your device for longer battery life and for recording formats with higher quality;
- scheduler allows you to make automatic recording tasks;
- desktop part can change format of your recordings and transfer files to Pocket PC.
Key Features:
exporting — allows you to export any existing recording into any format;
tags — easy and powerful audio editing;
playlists — full support for using, creating and editing M3U playlists;
files managing — rename/move/delete recordings easily;
display control — spares battery energy;
advanced protection — protects your device from unwanted pressing of buttons or touch screen;

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