MAGENTA v2.5 Greek - French dictionary

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MAGENTA v2.5 Greek - French dictionary

MAGENTA v2.5 Greek - French dictionary
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The most popular French-Greek & Greek-French dictionary in the market. Includes more than 300.000 words, phrases and idioms.

Counting of words, phrases and idioms is based on uniqueness of each one in the dictionary's database (topics). By this we mean that using our dictionary you can find and translate as many different words as above mentioned. We don't count joints or the words which used as parts of phrases and idioms. Every verb is counted once.

Feeling responsible about our clients, our intention is not to quote enormous numbers of words (topics) included in our dictionary just to impress.
If we did this, we could claim numbers of 1.200.000, 1.400.000 or even 2.000.000 words.
In addition to the French-Greek, Greek-French dictionary, the great thesaurus of the Greek language with more than 90.000 synonyms, is included.

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