Enslave v1.03

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Enslave v1.03

Enslave v1.03
Pocket PC Game | 7.45 MB

The story so far: It is the 2351 and the human race has finally perfected interstellar travel. But what they discover is beyond all the expectations of all scientists. Each habitable planet in the galaxy where you may just want to settle down and live a peaceful life… was already taken. Every single oxygen planet was inhabited by the galaxy's worst aliens.

Your mission is to guide the Earth's most technically advanced ship - 'Alienator' - through the empty vastness of space to galactic domination. Exterminate those creepy aliens who dare to live on the same spiral arm of the galaxy as you, and take their planets. Forty billion people need a place to live!

Fly thru space, meet space monsters, alien ships, space debris, earn money and upgrade in interstellar shops, find alien planets, land and Enslave'em!


password: gamesforppcwarez