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TypeMock.NET v. | 2,22 MB

Type Mocks is a powerful tool that enables you to focus on writing unit tests by eliminating the need to 'refactor' and 'restructure' your code just to make it testable. TypeMock does this by isolating your tested code using our unique technology.


TypeMock.NET supports all versions of .NET and integrates with the best .NET development tools, including all versions of Microsoft Visual Studio .NET and NCover, dotTrace, NUnit, MbUnit, Team System, TestDriven.NET, and more.

TypeMock.NET offers outstanding features, including:

* Ability to mock ANY concrete class and ALL members, including public, protected, private, virtual, nonvirtual, constructors and sealed
* Mocking takes place on the fly working on your production assemblies.
* Easy expectation recording, giving you full control of mocking
* Refactoring and IntelliSenseā„¢ support using Natural Mocks
* Built-in argument checks
* Support of ref and out arguments
* Complete generic support
* Allows arbitrary calls or rejects any method calls that are not explicitly expected
* Enables you to specify sequenced and default return values and exceptions
* Supports properties and indexes
* Verifies arguments without mocking the code
* Specifies dynamic return values based on passed arguments
* Enables you to validate the arguments passed to the mocked types
* Specifies custom argument checking
* Supports .NET 1.1, 2.0, 3.0 and 3.5