FixTunes v2.72

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FixTunes v2.72

FixTunes v2.72

You need Fix Tunes If You Want To ….

Edit the song title, artist, album, track, year and genre tags of your music.
Fix your songs automatically, without having to type all the information yourself.
Automatically download and add album cover art images to your music files.
Look up online information on your music like artist bios and reviews with one click.
Rename the music in your library into a standard format.
Organize your music into folders according to artist, album, year or genre.
Remove duplicate music files from your collection with ease, saving the best version.
Quickly search and edit only a portion of your music collection.

Your music collection will never be the same. If you have more than a few MP3s on your computer, you know what we're talking about. Missing album names. Misspelled titles. Ten different spellings for the same artist. Browsing is not a pretty experience.

You need FixTunes. FixTunes will scan your music files and download the correct artist, album, title, track numbers, release year, genre and even album cover art. No hours spent typing or looking up album names, FixTunes will clean up your MP3 files automatically.

And it doesn't just work for popular music, either. FixTunes utilizes a database of over 56,000 artists, over 188,000 albums and over 3 million tracks! Everything from pop, rock, classical and obscure jazz. If the song is from a commercially available CD, chances are its in the database. Other programs claim to help you rename files but still make you type in all the information. FixTunes is automatic - no typing!

Why should you do all the work? The power behind FixTunes is an exhaustive online database of information on more than 4 million songs, artists and albums. Rather than making you enter all the song information by hand, FixTunes simply scans your music collection, looks up the correct information online, downloads the necessary information to your computer and fixes your songs for you.

FixTunes is easy to use. Most FixTunes users have multiple thousands of songs in their collections, and this program was built specifically for them. All actions, from browsing and searching for a specific song, to quickly editing details of multiple songs at a time is all performed in the main program - no extra windows are openned. Menu items and buttons are clearly labeled and do what you would expect them to. You will think FixTunes was designed just for you. Download FixTunes

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