Powder Toy (REFIXED)

Powder Toy  (REFIXED)

Powder Toy (REFIXED)
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A nifty tool that simulates a collection of elements such as Water, Fire, Metal and so many others. You are given the ability to play around with these elements and see their reactions and resemblance to real life elements. You might have seen some games with the same concept, specially in Java
, but this one’s a lot more realistic!

To switch between displaying pressure and displaying air velocity, press 'c' (or on PSP, press SELECT).
To make a line of particle, hold the SHIFT key while clicking and dragging.
To make a box full of particle, hold the CONTROL key while clicking and dragging.
To fill an area with particle, hold both CONTROL and SHIFT while clicking.
Metal, stone, and lava reflect neutrons, while everything else absorbs them.
Items on the lower right (filters, fan, and wall) aren't melted, burned, or transmuted, ever.
To use the awesome new fan, draw something using the fan tool, it's the blue-purple dots on the lower right, to the left of Clear (the rainbow thing). I recommend drawing a circle. Once you've drawn the fan, click it, hold SHIFT, and drag to set its power. It's as easy as that!
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