Power Translator Pro v 9.0 Language Engineering's

Posted By: LIMBO

Power Translator Pro v 9.0 Language Engineering's | Multilingual | Rip date:Sep 2005 | 210MB

Power Translator Pro v 9.0 Language Engineering's produces draft translations of foreign language documents, e-mail, Web pages and more. Integrates with Microsoft Office.

Based on machine translation technology used by more than three million customers worldwide, Language Engineering's products offer easy access to Arabic, Chinese, English, French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Ukrainian. The languages you can translate depend upon the package you have purchased. If you can type, paste, drag or open a file,the world's leading languages are now at your command! Power Translator gives you instant access to foreign-language information, while automatically translating your own documents with more accuracy,clarity, and readability than ever before. It offers powerful, user-friendly features that help you find the right words every time.

It is a fully-featured tool for translating text in:

French to/from English
German to/from English
Italian to/from English
Portuguese to/from English
Spanish to/from English
Russian to/from English

The languages you can translate depend upon the package you have purchased.

Gives sentence-by-sentence translation from idiomatic databases.

Includes industry specific subject dictionaries (Business, Computing, Legal, Medical)

Add-in to Microsoft Word/Excel/Outlook/PowerPoint toolbar for quick translation.



Install instruccións: After Unpacking the files simply run the setup.bat. Once it's finished run the InstallPowerTranslator and follow the given Instructions. And by the way. The setup will check if you've got the VB6.0 runtimes installed, so if you don't have them, take a minute and install them first. When asked use this serial: VgnyvnaCebRqvgvbaP.kqg

I'm not sure what languages support this pack. I will to test it in some hours when I finished of download all the files.