010 Memorizer v1.1

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010 Memorizer v1.1

Win32 |Size: 1.16MB

Do you have trouble remembering phone numbers, PINs, social insurancenumbers, etc.? 010 Memorizer is a program designed to help you easilyremember numbers. The basic idea is that it is easier to remember vividimages, like orange juice gushing out of a geyser, then a number like39174306. Using 010 Memorizer, you can convert a number into a word orphrase that forms an image in your mind. The conversion between numbersand words is done by phonetics: certain consonant sounds representcertain numbers and vowels act as fillers. 010 Memorizer helps you withthis conversion by listing all words that can be used to memorize anumber, and you just have to pick a word or phrase that you find easyto remember.

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