Ektron eWebEditPro XML ver. 4.4

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Ektron eWebEditPro XML ver. 4.4

Ektron eWebEditPro XML ver. 4.4

Ektron eWebEditPro+XML is an easy to use, browser-based content editor that enables anyone to author, capture and use XML documents and data. It also lets users create HTML/XHTML content, simplifying Web site and intranet management.

Ektron's eWebEditPro+XML includes all of the functionality available in eWebEditPro plus an XML component that lets you collect, store and retrieve XML data using "smart Web forms." eWebEditPro+XML's Data Designer feature lets you build rich, dynamic XML forms intuitively and efficiently.

eWebEditPro is the leading WYSIWYG, browser-based, XHTML/HTML editor that lets content contributors easily create and publish Web content, while Webmasters/IT maintain control over a site's look and feel. Thousands of companies have integrated Ektron eWebEditPro into content management systems, e-learning, discussion forums, Web e-mail, and other applications. Plus, Ektron’s component-based approach allows developers to easily customize and extend the editor.

Ektron has compiled this feature tour to allow you to learn more about our most robust authoring solution. During your visit, these two buttons will give you more information about the feature you are viewing.