Winalysis v3.1

Posted By: medion
Winalysis v3.1
Winalysis is a software application that can help you manage change on computers running Windows. The program can: Make compressed Snapshots of local and remote computer configurations. Test for changes from snapshots at any time.?
Archive Event Logs from multiple machines to a central database.
Restore files and registry from a snapshot.
Analyze changes and security vulnerabilities.
Generate Alerts when critical events occur.

Monitor for changes to files, the registry, users, groups, security policies, services, shares, scheduled jobs, the

system environment and more.
Archive Event logs from multiple machines to a central database. Generate reports from the event log archive in a

variety of formats including HTML and XML.
Monitor remote computers from a central location. There is no need to install Winalysis on the remote machines.
Real-time notification of critical events through email, net send, event log, user defined scripts and SNMP Traps.
Convert selected event log messages to SNMP Traps.
Restore files and/or the registry from compressed snapshots with the ability to undo a restore at any time.
Built-in and user defined reports help you find security vulnerabilities in your Active Directory or NT user

account databases (e.g. password not required, failed login attempts, …).