1Passwd v1.4.2928 Universal for Mac OS X

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1Passwd v1.4.2928 | Universal | Universal for Mac OS X

1Passwd v1.4.2928 Universal for Mac OS X

1Passwd v1.4.2928 | Mac OS X | 3.53MB

Integrated password manager for Safari, Camino, Firefox…

1Passwd is a state of the art Password Manager that brings you Security and Convenience. 1Passwd goes beyond just Password Management and adds Form Filling, AutoFill, and Strong Password Generation functionality all built directly into the most popular OS X browsers. 1Passwd stores all your information within the OS X Keychain, allowing you to store all your confidential information like passwords, credit card numbers and other sensitive data in ONE place. This provides you the best possible Security. Having this information available to you with ONE click from within your browser provides you the best possible Convenience. Supported browsers include Safari, Camino, Firefox, and Flock. Since all your data is in the Keychain, each browser extension can share the same data. This means you never need to manually copy your passwords from browser to browser ever again!



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