TurboFTP 5.30 Build 572

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TurboFTP 5.30 Build 572

TurboFTP 5.30 Build 572 | 5,22 Mb

TurboFTP is a secure FTP client program (supports FTP over SSL/TLS and SFTP over SSH2) for Windows 9x/ME/NT4/2000/XP/2003. It allows you to transfer files (upload or download) at turbo speed between your computer and virtually any FTP server with exceptional ease and when necessary, with strong encryption of industrial strength. The built-in Folder Synchronizer provides straightforward, visual and recursive comparison result and helps you synchronize files and directories between local and remote folders with minimum effort. Scheduled file transfer and automated folder synchronization can be easily achieved with the built-in Task Scheduler. You can have an notification e-mail sent to you upon completion of each schedule task or by error. It automatically attempts to resume broken transfer, redial and reconnect after detected lost of connection.
With an intuitive user interface, a wealth of features and secure file transfer capability, TurboFTP is the right software tool for tasks like uploading Web site, scheduled file synchronization and backup, and mission critical corporate file transfers.
TurboFTP Sync Service Module provides a scalable and high-performance FTP file replication service based on TurboFTP's proven technology, helping you destribute data across network efficiently and securely.

TurboFTP Key Features:
- Sync Service Module. Run schedule tasks in NT service. Support dependency of tasks, multiple simultaneous schedule tasks and different dialup connection for individual site. Run programs before and after a schedule task.
- Security. Secure FTP file transfer protected with SSL(Secure Socket Layer, including implicit/explicit SSL) and TLS(Transport Layer Security). Support SFTP over SSH2. Support OTP S/Key (MD4, MD5) password encryption.
- Schedule File Transfer. Built-in Task Scheduler to schedule file transfer schedule and automated folder synchronization. Send E-mail report upon compete.
- Auto Upload New Files in Folder. Monitors a local folder and upload any new files added in it.
- Folder Synchronizer. Offers visual real-time comparison of local and FTP directory structures, helps you synchronize, backup files and directories with minimum efforts.
- Strong interruption and stall protection. Backed by Auto Dial, Smart Keep Alive, Auto Reconnect and broken transfer resume.
- Firewall/Proxy support. Get through firewall and proxy servers including HTTP Proxy, SOCKS 4/4a/5.
- Large file support. Support files larger than 2Gb on FAT32 and files larger than 4Gb on NTFS file system.
- Intuitive. Connection Wizard for absolute novice! One-click access to any folder with bookmarks. Context sensitive help.

Changes in V 5.30 Build 572 - Feb 14 , 2007:
[+] Overwrite Rules dialog.
[+] Added option in sync task to move uploaded/downloaded file.
[+] Added include/exclude filter dialogs for sync task.
[+] Changed force end time logic in sync task settings.
[+] Added option in sync task to execute an external program on each downloaded file.
[+] Added option in sync task to wait until program completes if external program is launched.
[+] Option to disable writing task specific message to NT Event Log.
[+] Updated OpenSSL library to 0.9.8d.
[+] Updated UploadWizard and TurboFTP SDK dll.
[+] Added Default button to [Options | Advanced | Text File Masks].
[-] Overwrites last fully transferred file when recovering stalled transfer after timeout..

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