SiSoftware Sandra Pro Business XI SP2c v2007.5.11.40 Multilingual Retail

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SiSoftware Sandra Pro Business XI SP2c v2007.5.11.40 Multilingual Retail

SiSoftware Sandra Pro Business XI SP2c | 15.23 MB

Sandra is a (girl) name of Greek origin that means "defender", "helper of mankind". We think that's quite fitting.

It works along the lines of other Windows utilities, however it tries to go beyond them and show you more of what's really going on. Giving the user the ability to draw comparisons at both a high and low-level. You can get information about the CPU, chipset, video adapter, ports, printers, sound card, memory, network, Windows internals, AGP, PCI, PCI-X, PCIe (PCI Express), database, USB, USB2, 1394/Firewire, etc.

Native ports for all major operating systems are available:
Windows 2000, XP, 2003, Vista*, Longhorn* (x86)
Windows x64 Edition XP/2003/Vista*/Longhorn* (AMD64/EM64T)
Windows 64-bit Edition 2003/Longhorn* (IA64)
Windows Mobile 2003/2003SE (ARM CE 4.20)
Windows Mobile 5 (ARM CE 5.01)
Windows Mobile 6 (ARM CE 5.02)

All major technologies are supported and taken advantage of:
SMP - Multi-Processor
MC - Multi-Core
SMT/HT - Hyper-Threading
MMX, SSE, SSE2, SSE3, SSSE3 - Multi-Media instructions
Wireless MMX - Mobile multi-media instructions
NUMA - Non-Uniform Memory Access
AMD64/EM64T/x64 - 64-bit extensions to x86
IA64 - Intel* Itanium 64-bit

Legal Stuff: Sandra is an acronym and has no connection whatsoever express or implied with anything or anyone, living or deceased in the past, present or future. Any resemblance is purely coincidental.

General Sandra Information

Here are the version types, in line with industry standards:

Sandra Lite (free for personal/educational use - no nag screens, time limit, etc.)
Sandra Advanced (for OEMs)
Sandra Professional (commercial)
Sandra Engineer (commercially exploitabile)
Sandra Enterprise (commercial)
Sandra Legacy (home enthusiast)

List of SiSoftware Sandra Modules

Here is a list of current modules.
System Summary
Mainboard/Chipset/System Monitors Info
APM & ACPI (Advanced Power Management) Info
PCI(e), AGP, CardBus, PCMCIA bus and devices Info
Video Information (monitor, card, video bios, caps, etc.)
OpenGL Information
DirectX (DirectDraw, Direct3D, DirectSound (3D), DirectMusic, DirectPlay, DirectInput) Info
Keyboard Info
Mouse Info
Sound Card (wave, midi, aux, mix) Info
MCI Devices (mpeg, avi, seq, vcr, video-disc, wave) Info
Joystick Info
Printers Info
Windows Memory Info
Windows Info
Font (Raster, Vector, TrueType, OpenType) Information
Modem/ISDN TA Information
Network Information*
IP Network Information*
WinSock & Internet Security Information
Drives Information (Removable Hard Disks, CD-ROM/DVD, RamDrives, etc.)
Ports (Serial/Parallel) Info
Remote Access Service Connections (Dial-Up, Internet)*
OLE objects/servers Info*
Processes (Tasks) & Threads Info
Modules (DLL, DRV) Info
Services & Device Drivers (SYS) Info*
SCSI, SAS Information*
ATA, ATAPI, SATA, RAID Information
Data Sources Information*
CMOS/RTC Information*
Smart Card & SIM Card Information*
Arithmetic Benchmark (including SSE2, SSSE3)
Multi-Media Benchmark (including MMX, Wireless MMX, SSE, SSE2, SSE3, SSSE3)
Multi-Core Efficiency Benchmark
Power Management Efficiency Benchmark
File System (Removable, Hard Disks, Network, RamDrives) Benchmark
Removable Storage/Flash Benchmark
CD-ROM/DVD Benchmark
Memory Bandwidth Benchmark
Cache & Memory Bandwidth Benchmark
Network/LAN Bandwidth Benchmark
Internet/ISP Connection Benchmark
Internet/ISP Peerage Benchmark
Hardware Interrupts Usage*
DMA Channel Usage*
I/O Ports Usage*
Memory Range Usage*
Plug & Play Enumerator*
Hardware registry settings
Environment settings
Registered File Types
Key Applications* (web-browser, e-mail, news, anti-virus, firewall, etc.)
Installed Applications*
Installed Programs*
Start Menu Applications*
On-disk Programs & Libraries*
Installed Web Packages* (ActiveX, Java classes)
System Event Logs*
Burn-in Wizard* (test computer stability)
Connect Wizard (connect to remote computers, PDAs, Smart Phones and other devices)
Combined Performance Index Wizard (overall computer performance score)
Create a Report Wizard (save, print, fax or e-mail in CIM (SMS/DMI), HTML, XML, RPT or TEXT format)
Performance Tune-Up Wizard (tune-up computer)
Environment Monitor Wizard (temperatures, voltages, fans, CPU power, cooling solution thermal resistance, etc.)
WebUpdate Wizard for automatic version updating
Tip of the day
Extensive help file documenting over 600 tips
Extensive on-line documentation (HTML) with Q & A knowledge base

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