Pixarra TwistedBrush v13.1

Posted By: danci
Pixarra TwistedBrush v13.1

Pixarra TwistedBrush v13.1 | WinAll | 13.4 MB

Simplicity without sacrifice, powerful enough for the professional artist yet simply enough for the novice. TwistedBrush has one of the most versatile and powerful brush engines in existence, yet it was designed from day one to be easy to use. TwistedBrush has more than 3,000 brushes, along with all the features that artists love to use: layers, realistic media, photo cloning, tracing, masks, particles, filters, script recording, scripts to AVI, drawing tablet support, brush shapes, patterns, textures, integrated scanner support, image brushes, drawing guides, reference image views, dirty brushes, scratch layer, dynamic palettes and a whole lot more. Best of all, feature updates are frequent!
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