3DMeNow Professional ver. 2

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3DMeNow Professional ver. 2

3DMeNow Professional ver. 2 | 7,54 MB

Full Body Pack, providing a seamless pipeline from human head modeling and mapping in 3DMeNow Pro 2 to real-time whole figure modeling and animation in 3DSMaxtm. Head textures and geometries from 3DMeNow Professional 2 can be now be merged into a prerigged fullbody geometry, preset in whatever way you wish for modeling, animation or both.

Providing a rapid and effective method of making and animating recognizable 3D people for game and video professionals, the all-new Full Body Pack ships with:
Merging models for 3DMeNowPro 2 and 3DSMaxtm
Seamless fullbody character geometry: 2030 quad mesh, ideal for subdivision modeling and LODs, prerigged using standard bipedtm and physiquetm
Optimised 3DMeNowPro 2 compatible fullbody UV, with mapping guide and example textures
Over 100 procedural (generic) morphs for modeling and animation, including lipsynching (Ventriloquisttm compatible) and comprehensive facial expressions
'The Full Body Pack has been released to fulfil a known need when the first thing so many of our professional clients want to do is fit their 3DMeNow Pro geometries and textures to compatible bodies: here is an optimised full body system which you can use either 'out of the box' *- as it is - or modified (lower/ higher resolution) to populate real-time games and FMV sequences. It's an incredibly efficient approach…' said Mike Sherwood, Creative Director of bioVirtual - ' our fullbody basemesh approach means you are using the same generic dataset to build virtually anyone, male or female, of any race. In practise this means that particular textures and geometries/ morphs produced by this approach are interchangable and mixable - and instead of dealing with character setups which are unique to each character and hence time-consuming to both build and operate - the artist using the Full Body Pack is generating and driving every individual character using the same optimised technique. This system can give you repeatable, professional results in a fraction of the time taken using conventional character authoring procedures.'

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