50 Funny Computer Pranks

Posted By: tehranshahr
50 Funny Computer Pranks

50 Funny Computer Pranks | 20 MB

- No more description is really needed, you all know what computer pranks are!.
- There are 7 pages: Main page (enclosed image), Crazy Frog Page, and 5 pages wach contains 10 buttons for 10 pranks.
- Full description of each prank and how to stop it is included in a PDF file accessible on the main AIO page (Click Me button).
- The products included here were not designed in any way to damage the end user’s machine, and have been written for entertainment purposes only.
- Joke-noise and joke programs are considered by antiviruses as infected files so don’t panic .. this is normal (specially with Random Burper & Buttons Prank but we ignore the security message).
- Non of the buttons on this AIO will execute any of the pranks, each prank is compressed in a rar file (you have to have winrar to decompress the files and extract wherever you want).
- The Crazy frog - the most annoying thing in the world - is dominating whenever you navigate this AIO … you’ll figure out on the last AIO page how to stop him from annoying you.

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