Actipro Silverlight Studio v11.1.0113

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Actipro Silverlight Studio v11.1.0113

Actipro Silverlight Studio v11.1.0113 | 36 Mb

Actipro Silverlight Studio is a bundled suite of professional user interface controls and components for the Silverlight framework. The company behind Silverlight Studio, Actipro Software, is a leader in the WPF UI control market and has brought that expertise to Silverlight, with product offerings that are code compatible with their WPF control counterparts where possible.

What is Included in Silverlight Studio?

The Silverlight Studio suite includes all of Actipro's Silverlight control offerings, in one easy-to-use bundle.
  • Bar Code for Silverlight - Vector-based bar codes that scale cleanly on any type of media.
  • SyntaxEditor for Silverlight - A syntax-highlighting code editor control and parsing suite for creating online IDEs.
  • Views for Silverlight - Unique Silverlight controls, and panels that support fluid animated item layout.
  • Wizard for Silverlight - Everything you need to quickly create wizard dialogs in your Silverlight applications.
  • Shared Library for Silverlight - A set of common controls, useful components, and themes for Silverlight applications.