Actual Title Buttons v6.5

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Actual Title Buttons v6.5

Actual Title Buttons v6.5 | 5.8 Mb

Windows concept is quite usable when it comes to minimizing, maximizing and restoring a window. However, there are still possibilities to unleash. Actual Title Buttons is the unique window management tool which offers extended window manipulation capabilities by adding new buttons to a window caption.

By clicking these buttons as you are used to do with the standard ones, you can take advantage of hidden Windows® features, such as:
making any window semi-transparent
rolling windows up
minimizing any window to Windows® notification area (also known as system tray)
making any window always-on-top
quickly resizing any window to most appropriate size
quickly placing any window to most appropriate position
changing window's program priority on-the-fly
"ghost" any window (it will pass through mouse clicks)
easily move any window between monitors in a multi-monitor system
quickly copy to clipboard window contents
quickly paste clipboard contents to any window

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