Alchemy Mindworks Graphic Workshop Professional v3.0a36

Posted By: Krotik135
Alchemy Mindworks Graphic Workshop Professional v3.0a36

Alchemy Mindworks Graphic Workshop Professional v3.0a36 | 12.8 MB

Alchemy Mindworks Graphic Workshop Professional - a package of software tools for editing bitmap images in the Windows. The developer had been realized: to support multi-mode, the opportunity to work directly with a group of objects, support functions «drag» (drag and drop) and works with the picture layout in a reduced scale (thumbnails).
It should also be noted that the application has been optimized to work with the systems built based on Intel Pentium. The main program is aimed at users who prefer to view digital photos on your computer, but also because of certain circumstances, are often faced with the following procedures: convert images from one format to another, editing or printing, as well as maintenance of the voluminous data bases that support search technology, which an object by entering the «core» of speech.

The program supports 50 formats, including:
• Adobe Photoshop PSD / PDD
• AOL / Johnson-Grace ART
• AVI Video for Windows
• BGA OS / 2 graphic arrays
• CALS Raster
• Canon CRW digital camera raw image files (requires RAW plugin)
• Casio digital camera CAM
• Cisco CIP IP Phones image files (requires CIP plugin)
• CompuServe GIF (with animated GIF viewing)
• Corel CDR preview and bitmaps
• Digital Research / Ventura IMG
• DCX FAX files
• Windows enhanced metafiles (EMF)
• EPS previews
• EXE self-displaying pictures
• FlashPix
• FLI / FLC animation files
• Halo CUT
• HAM - Amiga hold and modify
• ICO Windows icon files
• Iterated Systems FIF
• JFIF JPEG files
• JPEG 2000 (requires JPEG 2000 plugin)
• Konica KQP
• Kodak Digital Science Camera KDC
• Kodak Photo-CD PCD
• MacPaint
• Microsoft Paint MSP
• MIDI music files (play only)
• MP3 (requires external player)
• MPEG (requires external player)
• Nikon NEF digital camera raw image files (requires RAW plugin)
• Olympus ORF digital camera raw image files (requires RAW plugin)
• PC Paintbrush PCX
• Pegasus PIC files
• PFS: First Publisher ART files
• PIC (as used by GLpro / GLpaint)
• PICT - Macintosh metafile
• PNG Portable Network Graphics
• PSP graphic files
• QuickTime MOV
• Seattle Film Works SFW files (requires SFW plugin)
• Silicon Graphics workstation SGI
• Slow scan television HRZ files
• Sun Raster RAS files
• Targa Truevision
• Text files
• TTF TrueType font preview
• UUE encoded graphics
• WAP Bitmap WBMP
• Windows BMP, DIB and RLE
• Windows metafiles (WMF)
• Windows screen savers (SCR)
• Windows WAV files
• WordPerfect Graphics WPG