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This program integrates common functions biochemists perform on a daily bases. In addition to conventional sequence input protocol, the program offers a new protocol of entering sequence by its building blocks and corresponding counts. This facilitates the possibility for the program to deal with very complicate, branched, cyclic and lengthy sequences. The program also extents its applicable range to general organic chemistry with its user definable fragment database.

Amino Acid Analysis: This module calculates optimized residue ratio for amino acid analysis result. By entering residues easy to be oxidized in hydrolysis into Residues Not To Be Optimized section its influence to the optimizatin result can be minimized.

Building Block Composition: This module discerns identity of unexpected product based on the fact that building blocks: amino acids, fragments, possess discrete weight values. Upon scanning their combinations, the ones with least deviations will more likely be the derivatized product.

Digestion Pattern: This module predicts digestion products through user defined enzymatic or chemical pattern.