Ansys 15.0.1(4) Update

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Ansys 15.0.1(4) Update

Ansys 15.0.1(4) Update | 158.5 mb

ANSYS, Inc. announced the availability of its leading engineering simulation solution, ANSYS 15.0, providing new, unique capabilities and enhancements that offer the most advanced approach to guide and optimize product designs.

ANSYS 15.0 delivers major advancements across the entire portfolio, including structures, fluids and electromagnetics. In addition, this enhanced version enables complete multiphysics workflows for leading simulation practices.

Highlights for structures in this release include giving users greater insight into simulating composites. Enhancements to the fluids portfolio features the capability for studying turbomachinery flow paths with greater fidelity than ever, while in electromagnetics, ANSYS 15.0 offers the most comprehensive electric motor design process.

The release enhances ANSYS' industry-leading pre-processing capabilities, enabling users to quickly and accurately mesh the widest range of model size and complexity regardless of type of physics simulated. ANSYS 15.0 also builds on the company's global leadership in high-performance computing (HPC), speeding up already best-in-class performance by a factor of five.


- ANSYS 15.0.1 Update

This ANSYS release 15.0.1 replaces components of previously-installed versions of ANSYS release 15.0 and is compatible with Windows XP and 7 (32 and 64 bit), Windows 8 (64 bit). This service pack addresses a defect related to fluids models with 0-thickness walls (baffles).
In the ANSYS 15.0 release, baffles are captured in the mesh (nodes are on the baffle faces), but the baffles do not display properly in Workbench Meshing when viewing the mesh on named selections, nor do they output correctly to Fluent, CFX, or Polyflow.
All ANSYS users performing fluids analysis on models that contain baffles and are intended for the Fluent, CFX, or Polyflow solvers must install this service pack.
- ANSYS 15.0.4 Update
This service pack addresses a licensing issue encountered by TurboGrid users on Windows 64 bit platforms. Upon startup, TurboGrid was checking out both a TurboGrid and an ICEM license.

About ANSYS, Inc.

ANSYS brings clarity and insight to customers' most complex design challenges through fast, accurate and reliable engineering simulation. Our technology enables organizations ― no matter their industry ― to predict with confidence that their products will thrive in the real world. Customers trust our software to help ensure product integrity and drive business success through innovation. Founded in 1970, ANSYS employs more than 2,500 professionals, many of them expert in engineering fields such as finite element analysis, computational fluid dynamics, electronics and electromagnetics, and design optimization. Headquartered south of Pittsburgh, U.S.A., ANSYS has more than 75 strategic sales locations throughout the world with a network of channel partners in 40+ countries.

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Name: Ansys
Version: 15.0.1(4) Update
Interface: english
OS: Windows XP / Vista / Seven / 8
System Requirements: Preinstall Ansys 15.0
Size: 158.5 mb


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