ApexSQL Code v2005.13.0075

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ApexSQL Code v2005.13.0075

ApexSQL Code v2005.13.0075 | 13.2 MB

ApexSQL Code is a Rapid Application Development (RAD) Code Generation tool, streamlined specifically for Microsoft SQL Server, that enables you to automatically generate thousands of lines of perfect C#, VB.NET, ASP.NET, SQL (and more) in just seconds solving these problems and making good coders even better.


[NEW] Improved compiler error handling.
[NEW] Tracing support (Debug.Write, Trace.Write etc).
[NEW] Nested Template support.
[NEW] Output File Encoding.
[NEW] Code Snippets.
[NEW] Improved Intelliprompt for C# and VB.NET Script Language.
[NEW] New Template Editor options including Outlining and Auto-Replace.
[NEW] Customizable Datatype mapping.
[NEW] Support for User Defined Functions in Schema Explorer.
[NEW] New Properties support including Collation, Definition and Extended Properties.
[NEW] SQL 2005 Support
[NEW] New Auto-update feature
A template wizard that makes creating templates as easy as following 7 simple steps.
A powerful template property page for editing templates in place with simple picklists and dialogs.
XML based templates - allows for template attributes to be embedded directly in the template structure itself.
Programmatic control of file operations and dialogs directly from the template. Files can be output, appended or all file operations can be suppressed if user chooses to use File System Object.
ApexSQL Code now automatically remembers all of your table, view, sproc, field, parameter and result column selection in between sessions and for a specific database. These selection profiles can be saved, cleared and retrieved.
Choice of C# or VB.NET for template scripting - handles looping including For Each loops, constructs, error handling, etc. Your ability to create code patterns is virtually unlimited.
Extensive template library including C#, VB.NET, AsP, VB, SQL and Delphi templates
Support for unlimited Include files just like ASP!
Real Intellisense to navigate ApexSQL Code object Model
Default color coded text editor to manage templates currently supports ASP / VBScript, VB, Java / JScript, CSharp and SQL.
Multiple tables, views and stored procedures can be scripted at once and even in the same template.
Error handling shows exact line of error allowing for easy diagnosis of errors and de-bugging.
ApexSQL Code object model allows easy extraction of information. Read-Only properties are used to create code patterns but object model also exposes Read-Write properties that can be controlled programmatically.
Templates can be Parsed for simple scripting mistakes like missing starting or closing tags.