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Aquaveo Watershed Modeling System (WMS) 11.1.2

Posted By: scutter
Aquaveo Watershed Modeling System (WMS) 11.1.2

Aquaveo Watershed Modeling System (WMS) 11.1.2 | 4.8 Gb

Aquaveo, a water resources consulting company, is pleased to announce availability Watershed Modeling System (WMS) 11.1.2 is a complete watershed solution used for automated delineation, hydrologic & hydraulic modeling, floodplain mapping, and storm drain modeling.

What's new in WMS 11.1

HEC-HMS Updates
The most recent version of HEC-HMS (v4.4.1) is now supported in WMS 11.1.
GSSHA Updates
The most recent version of GSSHA (v7.13) is now supported in WMS 11.1. This new version also includes the capability to run calibration on Richard’s Equation parameters in GSSHA as well as view multiple scenario hydrographs in a solution.
Rational Method
WMS v11.1 includes better support for entering/computing Rational Method IDF curves.
Extract Features Tool
The Extract Features tool allows direct conversion of raster data to stream and ridge/embankment centerlines.
Map Flood Tool
The Map flood tool adds an option to use local shapefiles for Base Flood Elevations and floodplain boundary polygons when web service data are not available.
HY-8 and Hydraulic Toolbox
The latest versions of HY-8 and Hydraulic Toolbox are now available to use with WMS.
Other Model Interface Updates
The following numerical model interfaces in WMS have been improved and various issues have been fixed:
- HEC-1
- Rational
New Software-based Licensing
WMS 11.1 offers 2 new licensing methods including Local and Flex licenses that are software based - no hardware required! Existing users will have the option of migrating to either method at their next maintenance renewal. Learn more
- Local license: Designed for use on a single computer and offers support for Remote Desktop & virtual machines
- Flex license: Offers the flexibility of sharing a license on your network as well as a check-out / check-in feature for remote work
GIS Module Additions & Improvements
- Faster/more robust GIS parameter computations directly from shapefiles
- Faster shapefile to feature object conversion
- Improved display speed of large raster files
- Addition of Web-based Google tile map services as Online Maps that can be displayed as background maps
- Additional features to online maps to use tile map services and other types of services as online maps
- Improvements to display and operations on images and raster files of various types

The Watershed Modeling System (WMS) is a comprehensive environment for hydrologic analysis. It was developed by the Environmental Modeling Research Laboratory of Brigham Young University in cooperation with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Waterways Experiment Station. The software is currently being developed by Aquaveo.

WMS offers state-of-the-art tools to perform automated basin delineation and to compute important basin parameters such as area, slope and runoff distances. It serves as a graphical user interface for several hydraulic and hydrologic models. With its management of coordinate systems, WMS is capable of displaying and overlaying data in real world coordinates. The application also provides many display tools for viewing terrain surfaces and exporting images for reports and presentations.


Instructional videos for the Watershed Modeling System (WMS) program developed by Aquaveo.
Aquaveo is a pioneer of GIS-based software solutions for hydraulic, hydrologic and groundwater modeling. Our products have been refined over two decades to create the most advanced environmental modeling and visualization software available. In addition to interfacing with industry standard numerical models, we develop custom desktop and cloud-based applications tailored to specific needs.

Aquaveo began as a part of the Engineering Computer Graphics Laboratory at Brigham Young University in 1985. The lab was reorganized and the name was changed in September, 1998 to the Environmental Modeling Research Laboratory (EMRL). In April, 2007, the main software development team at EMRL entered private enterprise as Aquaveo, LLC.

Product: Aquaveo Watershed Modeling System (WMS)
Version: 11.1.2 with Tutorials
Supported Architectures: x64
Website Home Page : www.aquaveo.com
Languages Supported: english
System Requirements: PC *
Size: 4.8 Gb

WMS 11.0 System Requirements

Operating System: Windows 10
RAM: 16GB or more recommended
CPU: WMS software is CPU intensive. Some models and utilities integrated with WMS can take advantage of multiple processor cores simultaneously. We recommend the fastest CPU your budget allows.
Storage: Recommended storage amount will vary depending on individual data requirements. Latest versions of WMS are very disk I/O intensive.
- Mechanical hard drive: Basic performance
- SATA solid state drive: Better performance
- NVMe solid state drive: Best performance
Graphics: A dedicated graphics card is better than integrated graphics. A basic or mid-range nVidia card designed for gaming works best.
Display Resolution: 1920 x 1080 or greater

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Aquaveo Watershed Modeling System (WMS) 11.1.2