Aquaveo SMS Premium 11.2.12

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Aquaveo SMS Premium 11.2.12

Aquaveo SMS Premium 11.2.12 | 1.0 Gb

Aquaveo, a water resources engineering consulting firm, has released 11.2 version of Aquaveo SMS (Surface-water Modeling System), its a complete program for building and simulating surface water models. It is a graphical user interface and analysis tool that allows engineers and scientists to visualize, manipulate, analyze, and understand numerical data and associated measurements. Many of the tools in SMS are generic. They are designed to facilitate the establishment and operation of numerical models of rivers, coasts, inlets, bays, estuaries, and lakes. It features 1D and 2D modeling and a unique conceptual model approach. Some of the currently supported models in SMS include ADCIRC, BOUSS-2D, CGWAVE, CMS-Flow, CMS-WAVE (WABED), FESWMS, GenCade, PTM, STWAVE, TABS, and TUFLOW.

What's new in SMS 11.2:

SMS 11.2.12 - Release August 4, 2015

- 8177 Can't run model in LTEA tutorial
- 8104 SMS not creating unit 23 file for ADCIRC
- 8188 SMS crashes when opening multiple files.
- 8108 Can't delete items from project
- 8107 Project corrupted after saving
- 8130 Deleting Datasets that are changed outside of SMS
- 8138 MIF/MID importing errors
- 8158 Can't find feature point by ID
- 8123 Unnecessary messages during Delete All operation
- 8125 Reading in a Materials file with German characters does not read in the German characters.
- 8026 When first starting SMS an annoying message about remote desktop appears
- 8168 Mesh Generation Toolbox Menu Item
- 8159 Creating Arcs changes feature point numbering
2D Mesh
- 8099 SMS saves bad mesh after refining elements
- 8151 Can't merge scatter sets
- 8154 Incorrect extracted plot from scatter
- 8091 Crash Interpolating Scatter to Mesh
- 8137 Selecting triangles of a TIN causes SMS to crash
- 8061 WAM Model Check not functioning
- 8062 WAM Tutorial Model Does Not Run Successfully

About Aquaveo

Our name is synonymous with visualizing water. Our software solutions provide tools to engineers for modeling groundwater and surface-water in the areas of hydrology and hydraulics. Our customers around the world rely on our solutions to complete today’s demanding water resources projects.

Name: Aquaveo SMS
Version: (64bit) Premium 11.2.12 with Tutorials
Interface: english
OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7even / 8
Size: 1.0 Gb

Aquaveo SMS Premium 11.2.12

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