ArcSoft MediaImpression 3 HD

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ArcSoft MediaImpression 3 HD

ArcSoft MediaImpression 3 HD | 103 Mb

ArcSoft MediaImpression HD will provide users with the complete multimedia solution that supports HD videos! This one-stop shop allows you to organize, manage, and edit a variety of media files with one program. Import your photos, videos-including high-definition video files-and music into ArcSoft MediaImpression 3 HD.

Everything is easy and quick to accomplish. You can also drag and drop pictures to create a slide show. A video editor lets you fix a few image problems in videos. It also offers a variety of sharing tools that you can use to upload photos to sites like Facebook, Flicker, and Twitter, as well as separate tools for e-mailing photos directly from the program.

Here are some key features of "ArcSoft MediaImpression HD":

Enhance with a Few Clicks:
· MediaImpression comes with a full set of easy-to-use video and photo editing tools, such as Red-Eye Removal, Dynamic Lighting, and Face Beautify. You're in control. Just a few clicks will enhance and retouch images to the standard you prefer. Enjoy professional level editing tools without the long hours of learning.

Auto Face and Scene Tagging:
· Not looking forward to rummaging through all of your photos from that awesome vacation? The advanced face detection and recognition technology sorts photos based on the unique facial features of friends and families. Auto scene tagging works in the same way, making it easy to organize and create memorable presentations in minutes.

Bring HD to Life:
· Have an HD camera but not the software to support it? No worries! MediaImpression supports all HD external devices – such as Digital Still Camera, DSLR, Digital Video Camera, and HD/AVCHD Camcorders – allowing you to import, edit, and produce HD quality videos right at home. Now you can produce videos and slideshows without worrying about losing the original quality of the files.

Share to Social Networks Directly:
· MediaImpression completes your multimedia experience with the option to upload your files to social networks. Share your photos and videos on Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo, Flickr, and Twitter with one click. Connect with all of your friends and publicize your creativity with MediaImpression as your preferred multimedia tool.

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