AudioFront DSP Trigger v1.5.0.6 (Win / Mac OS X)

Posted By: longnote
AudioFront DSP Trigger v1.5.0.6 (Win / Mac OS X)

AudioFront DSP Trigger v1.5.0.6 (Win / Mac OS X) | 9.6 MB

DSP Trigger is a VST drum brain that processes the audio output from drum pads and converts it to MIDI to be passed on to a drum sampler. It allows you to enhance an existing e-drum kit, offering new features and functionality that your drum brain doesn't natively support. Like any hardware drum brain, DSP Trigger processes the audio from drum pads and converts in to MIDI in real time. In order to 'hear' a drum pad, you need to plug it into a line input on your audio interface and place DSP Trigger as an insert on a track whose input is set to your drum pad. The MIDI that DSP Trigger outputs is then sent to a drum sampler such as BFD or Drum Superior.

Reasons to use DSP Trigger

• Your drum module doesn't offer positional sensing.
• Your drum module doesn't support 3-way triggering.
• You're not satisfied with the feel and responsiveness of your pads.
• You want superior sensitivity and dynamics.
• You want to add a kit piece on to your current kit, but have no place to plug it in.
• You don't have a drum module, but you want to connect drum pads to your computer.
• You are looking for an intelligent and light weight drum replacement tool.

If any of the above apply to you, I recommend spending some time checking out some of videos and having a look at the manual to see if DSP Trigger is the right tool for you.