AudioTester 2.2d.b6

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AudioTester 2.2d.b6

AudioTester 2.2d.b6 | 4.75 MB

Spectrumanalyzer, Oscilloscope und Wave Generator with the help of a sound card and the audioTester

With the help of a high quality sound card your PC will be an audio lab. You measure frequency responses of loudspeakers crossovers, distortion of any audio equipment and impulse responses of loudspeaker systems.
• Sound and tones to wave files
• Asyncrone Impulsmeasurement
• Measurement of Distortions vs. Power
• Measurement of Thiele Small Parameter
• 3D-Diagram for waterfall plots
• Time Diagram above the frequency-diagram
• Presets for all settings
• Frequency measurement with dirac and MLS impulses
• Impedance plots of loadspeakers
• Up to 8 curves with up to 8 Y scales in the 2D diagram
• Display filter for the curves
• Automatic switching of the curves at serial measurement
• Copy from curves with Drag'n Drop
• Scaling of the diagram to 0dB = max. value or 1kHz
• Symbol sight of the measuremet schematic
• Spectrumanalyse with Fast-Fourier-Transformation
• Distortion, Level Analyser and THD+N with several filters
• Measurement of single harmonics ( H2 - H9 )
• Correction files to make the frequency response linear
• Diagram scale while measuring
• Support of absolute level units ( dbV, dbu ) after calibration
• Storing diagrams as bitmaps or textfiles
• Storing measured values as textfile
• Storing of single curves
• Print and Clipboard funtions
• Optional ASIO Support *
• OnLine help ( german and englisch )
• Windows XP recommended