Autodesk Powermill Ultimate 2021

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Autodesk Powermill Ultimate 2021

Autodesk Powermill Ultimate 2021 | 1.4 Gb
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The Autodesk Advanced Manufacturing Technology Centre development team is pleased to announce the availability of PowerMill 2021, is expert CAM software for manufacturers of molds, dies and highly complex componentswanting to achieve the maximum quality, control, and efficiency from their CNC machines.

What's new in PowerMill 2021 - Date: May 13, 2020

Speed improvements
There are general speed improvements to help reduce programming time.
- When calculating toolpaths, there are no longer any restrictions on the number of cores that can be used in a single processor.
- For Area Clearance and Flat Finishing toolpaths, the calculation of flat areas on models is now faster.
- The calculation of toolpaths where Automatic Collision Avoidance is selected is now faster.
- The calculation of On Surface links in toolpaths is now faster.
- The time it takes to calculate 3D Area Clearance toolpaths is reduced, sometimes by up to 30%. The exact reduction varies depending on your machining job and the machine tool you use.
- The calculation of toolpaths that use a stock model rest boundary is now faster.
- The calculation of some optimised Raster Finishing toolpaths has been made more efficient.

Steep and Shallow Finishing improvements
- The quality of the 3D Offset toolpath is improved for shallow areas when used on a model that has a surface in a collision thickness set.

Collision checking and avoidance improvements
- When using Automatic Collision Avoidance, the smoothness of the tool-axis motion is improved by adding extra points along the toolpaths.

Model filleting
- The calculation of the Fillet Corners option when the 3D style is selected is now faster.
- The units are now displayed for Corner Filleting Radius as TDU in the Explorer for toolpaths that have Fillet Corners selected.

Area clearance
- The Unsafe Segment Removal option no longer removes more segments of the toolpath than necessary to prevent non-centre cutting tools from encountering non-machinable material.

Additive Feature Construction improvements
- When creating a Feature Construction toolpath, you can now alternate the raster passes between layers. Previously, you could only rotate passes by a specified angle.
- The time it takes to calculate Feature Construction toolpaths with a Style of Profile is reduced.

- A problem has been fixed that caused a Constant Z Finishing toolpath calculated with a form tool to gouge. PMILL-13198
- A problem has been fixed that could cause the verification of 5-axis toolpaths to proceed slowly. PMILL-13076
- Fixed an issue where too many along passes were created in a Corner Finishing toolpath. PMILL-13084
- Fixed an issue that meant Rotary Finishing toolpaths sometimes had small gaps. PMILL-12680
- Ensured Rotary Finishing toolpaths with a Y offset of zero remained 4-axis. PMILL-12756
- A problem within Drilling toolpaths that caused links constrained by distance to be calculated inconsistently has been fixed. PMILL-13164
- A problem has been fixed that caused a multi-axis Constant Z Finishing toolpath to be calculated incorrectly when using a barrel tool. PMILL-12037
- A problem has been fixed that could result in colliding moves when the Machine Maximum Stock option was enabled in Steep and Shallow Finishing toolpaths. PMILL-13351
- A problem has been fixed that could result in automatic collision avoidance failing to avoid collisions. PMILL-13541
Machine simulation
- Prevented ViewMill from depositing material during non-additive moves. PMILL-3498
- Prevented ViewMill from skipping sections of a toolpath when rapid cuts are not being checked. PMILL-3498
- If the models of a machine tool were imported as STL files, they are now exported as STL files. PMILL-5730
Toolpath export
- An arc at the very beginning of a toolpath that is set as rapid in PowerMill now uses the Skim Feed Rate when posting rather, than the Safe Feed Rate. PMILL-12538
- The splash screen now displays at an appropriate size when running on high-resolutions displays, for example, a 4K monitor running at 200% text size. PMILL-12950
- The SET NAMED PARAMETER command now works when editing ThicknessSetValue maps. PMILL-12511
- An issue has been fixed that caused PowerMill to close unexpectedly when pressing the ESC key while a macro is running. PMILL-10477
- Improved the error message displayed when a setup sheet fails to export because of the length of the file path. PMILL-12557
- All the tooltips for the Select Option File dialog are now translated. PMILL-9604
- The shortcut title for PowerMill Viewer now indicates the version. PMILL-12991
Customer error reporting (CER)
- Fixed an issue where PowerMill could close unexpectedly when creating rest area clearance toolpaths. This issue was identified by CER. PMILL-12699
- Fixed an issue where PowerMill could close unexpectedly when opening certain projects whilst the Explorer was in a specific state. This issue was reported via CER. PMILL-13330
- Fixed an issue where PowerMill could close unexpectedly whilst jogging the machine via a COM interface, testing for machine collisions. This issue was reported via CER. PMILL-13012
- Fixed an issue where PowerMill closes unexpectedly when it fails to open a TRACEFILE and displays an error message. This issue was reported via CER. PMILL-13220

Autodesk Powermill Ultimate 2021

Autodesk Advanced Manufacturing solutions meet the needs of a huge variety of manufacturers so if you are still using manual programming methods and need to expand, you have previously invested in CAM software which you are starting to outgrow or if you have an existing investment in CNC machinery and need to expand your capabilities and maximise machine potential, simply use Autodesk CAM Software and CAM Milling Solutions.

PowerMill is the ideal solution if you need world class CAM software for high-speed and 5-axis machining for manufacturing, with full control of advanced strategies, and toolpath editing to get maximum quality from your machined parts.

With subtractive and additive machining giving you a hybrid solution for your production needs, PowerMill gives you a professional solution for manufactures of molds, dies and complex parts. Take full control of how you want to machine your parts and not how your CNC machine wants to produce your parts and let PowerMill help you to maximise your current CNC machines capabilities.

PowerMill | Model Filleting

Autodesk helps people imagine, design and create a better world. Everyone—from design professionals, engineers and architects to digital artists, students and hobbyists—uses Autodesk software to unlock their creativity and solve important challenges.

Product: Autodesk PowerMill
Version: Ultimate 2021
Supported Architectures: x64
Website Home Page :
Language: multilanguage
System Requirements: PC *
Supported Operating Systems: *
Size: 1.4 Gb

System requirements for Autodesk PowerMill 2021

Operating System Microsoft Windows 10 (64-bit)
CPU Type Multiple core 64-bit processor, such as Intel Core i7 or Intel Core i9
Memory 8 GB RAM minimum recommended / 16 GB RAM or more recommended for demanding parts
Graphics Card NVIDIA Quadro / At least 2GB fully OpenGL 2.0 compliant
Screen Resolution 1920 x 1200
Disk Space 160 GB

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Autodesk Powermill Ultimate 2021