Avi Previewer v2.3.1.0

Posted By: Jeterro
Avi Previewer v2.3.1.0

Avi-Previewer | win | 1.3mb

Avi Previewer - a program which allows watch to the end of the web, or simply damaged avi files which can not be played in conventional players, or have any defects. When players such as, Mediaplayer inform you that the file can not be lost or damaged, you can try to use the Avi Previewer to fix the file and view it. Pochinenny thus file can be opened by any other software in order to view or process it further. Number of successful recovery in the new version brought up to 80%.

-Restoring partly damaged avi files: downloaded files, corrupted files attached, the restored files, files are restored from damaged archives.
Restore-avi files do not fully downloaded from: web or ftp servers, p2p networks (kazaa, edonkey, emule, shareaza and so on).
-Restoration of other avi files which can not be proigranny or do not play until the end.
-Support: DIVX, XVID or any other codec inside avi container.
-User-friendly interface.