Axonic Lookeen Bilingual

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Axonic Lookeen Bilingual

Axonic Lookeen Bilingual | 11.1 MB

Lookeen will transform your everyday work dramatically. You receive and send countless e-mails every day. That leads to a lot of time being wasted when you sort your Inbox or searching for relevant information in your archives or on the Exchange server. Lookeen is an extension to Microsoft Outlook 2003, 2007 and 2010, with which can help you stand against the daily flood of e-mails.

Find quickly your important information – anywhere
The concept of indexed search allows you to find any information in seconds. Lookeen changes minutes of fruitless manual searches into successful results in seconds. Lookeen searches through all the archives and all the data within your Outlook workstation, e.g. emails, contacts, appointments, notes, etc. while also conducting searches within attachments of all kinds, e.g. in Microsoft Word, Excel, etc., or even PDF files. Local and network files are also scanned with Lookeen. This makes Lookeen the central authority for finding everything on your PC. Due to the unique real-time indexing, data is immediately available for search. A few moments after a new email or a file system is changed, Lookeen is informed.

Targeted Search
The more data there is, the more important the ability to search accurately is. Lookeen has a wide range of meaningful and effective ways to filter your search results. One button, for example, is View the e-mail correspondence between you and another person. You can also search specific time periods or specific file formats such as .docx, .xlsx or restricted .pdf (and others). All search parameters can be saved as favorites and, with short keys, instantly executed.

Lookeen as Desktop Search
With Lookeen you will not only quickly find within Outlook the information you need – local folders and network paths can also be indexed with Lookeen and searched instantly. Indexing important folders with Lookeen allows you to search the contents of Office documents (.xlsx, .xls, .doc, .docx), PDF files or web content such as HTML or PHP pages at the same time. The integrated search results preview window will show you a quick view of email or document content. Your search words will be highlighted in the preview window in different colored markers (highlights). Make Outlook the information center of your entire system. Don’t waste time searching – Get results!

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