BETA-CAE Systems 19.1.2

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BETA-CAE Systems 19.1.2

BETA-CAE Systems 19.1.2 | 1.9 Gb

BETA CAE Systems announces the new release 19.1.2 of ANSA/EPILYSIS/META suite. Apart from fixes in the detected issues, this version also hosts numerous noteworthy enhancements and implementations.

Enhancements in ANSA
- Data Management
A new function "dm.SaveLibraryItem()" is now available, which allows saving rich library items to DM. Furthremore, it is now possible to control the User Attributes, which will be written in the DM Header, during the output of Model Browser containers. The attributes that need to be included in the DM Header are specified in the respective ANSA.default setting for each Model Browser container (ex. SubsystemAdditionalAttributesInDmHeader).
- Connections & Assembly
In the Connection Manager interface, apart from the Highlight of FE Rep. Settings property IDs that is now available, tooltips for fields indicating property IDs have also been added.
Specifically, when a field in FE Rep. Settings of Connection Manager points to a property ID, then a tooltip is created dynamically with the property name, in case there is a corresponding property with the given ID of field's line edit.
- Shell Mesh
Significant performance improvements in the drawing of FE perimeters have been implemented, applying in actions such as: Deleting a FACE, focusing on a FACE, changing from TOPO to MESH menu and vice-versa, opening a list (e.g. Properties).
- Tools
Unit conversion is now supported for Parts fields, such as: Transformation matrix (x,y,z), Area, Mass, COG. This implementation can be verified by performing actions, such as apply Sync representation on the multi-instances.
Known issues resolved in ANSA
As far as the Drawing Styles are concerned, Fringe Color palette would not be displayed, in case "Use unique color for each range" option was enabled through the "Color Bar Options" and graph other than QGRAPH was selected.
- Model Browser
The deletion of the Configurations would not be successful and the PID values would not be updated in the respective column, when their values were modified via script. Moreover, "DM Status Update" column would not be updated after performing actions like: create mesh, erase mesh, fill hole, etc.
- Compare
Upon execution of "Apply similarities/differences" function, FE mesh would not be copied among models.
- FE Representations
A SOLID-WELD seamline that formed a closed loop would unexpectedly fail to realize.
- Data Management
Excessive time would be taken when additionally saving JT file ("Light Representation" option), under Subsystems > Save in DM.
- Connections & Assembly
Conversion of FE-entities referenced by different Modules into ANSA connection points would lead to abnormal termination, as well as to ANSA databases prone to get corrupted, once recovered.
- Volume Mesh
Execution of Octree > Hextreme function would lead to unexpected termination on Windows OS.
- Batch Meshing
Speaking of Mesh Parameters [Features], "Defeaturing=remove" treatment for logos would not be applied, when CFD mesh algorithm was selected.
- Laminates
Elements with no plies assigned would not be created during input of a Simulayt .Layup file.

Known issues resolved in EPILYSIS
- General
When initial mass matrix was not diagonal, mass matrix with NSM would not be calculated properly.
- Output
Phase-Magnitude format of displacements in .op2 file would not get output correctly.
- SOL200
Unexpected termination would occur if a dependent DESVAR was created with an empty DELXV field. Additionally, topology optimization would give erroneous results in case of a DVPREL referring to a Ti on a PCOMP, where Z0 was blank.

Enhancements in META
- Crash & Safety
In Occupant Injury Criteria toolbar, it is now possible to save a project file from within the tool, which will contain the information about which curves belong to which run. Loading this project from the Occupant Injury tool, this info is read and Results Handling capabilities of the tool can be used again. Furthermore, EU-NCAP Rating calculation for THOR-50 according to AOP v9.0.0 is now supported under Occupant Injury Criteria toolbar.
Upon execution of TPA from Forces and FRFs, it is now possible to use existing curves as FRFs.
Known issues resolved in META
- Collaboration Tool
Collaborators remained visible even after disconnecting.
- Graphics
Feature lines would not be drawn correctly, when in per Pid drawing mode.
- Read Results
Filename path was not updated, when a file was read via drag&drop, which led to wrong results auto-detection.
It was not possible to read results from an INTFOR file with adaptive mesh. On top of that, failed elements of Dyna PSOLID disappeared in their original state too, after loading Displacements, since v19.1.0.
Unexpected termination could occur when reading displacements from an .hdf Nastran file containing one database for Real and one for Complex values.
Includes with relative paths of two or more lines could not be read properly.
Unexpected termination would occur when trying to export A/LC Points, as defined.
- NVH Calculators
In FRF Assembly tool, fluid results were calculated for structural nodes and structural results were calculated for fluid nodes.
- Report
Right-mouse button outside Spreadsheet Editor’s cell area would cause an unexpected termination.
- Automation
Unexpected termination would occur on Linux operating systems, when running script function "materials.PickMaterials()".

BETA-CAE Systems 19.1.2

BETA-CAE Systems 19.1.2

BETA-CAE Systems 19.1.2

About BETA CAE Systems Software. BETA CAE Systems transformed CAE by introducing revolutionary automation software tools and practices into Simulation and Analysis processes almost 30 years ago.

Committed to our mission to enable engineers to deliver results of high value, we continue to offer state-of-the-art, high-performance software and best-in-class services. Our simulation solutions liberate low risk and high Return-On-Investment innovation.

The ground breaking technology, the excellent services and our high standards of business ethics are the three pillars on which BETA was founded and grows since then.

Our passion for engineering, our drive for excellence, and our loyalty to customers and partners, are the key ingredients of our success. We first established our reputation in the Automotive sector and now we are proud of the deployment of our software also in the Aerospace, Defense, Biomechanics, Electronics, Energy and other Industries. Our solutions exceed their requirements in all the simulation disciplines, and allow them to develop the right product, for the right market, at the right time.

- ANSA is an advanced multidisciplinary CAE pre-processing tool that provides all the necessary functionality for full-model build up, from CAD data to ready-to-run solver input file, in a single integrated environment.

- META is a thriving multi-purpose post-processor meeting diverging needs from various CAE disciplines.It owes its success to its impressive performance, innovative features and capabilities of interaction between animations, plots, videos, reports and other objects.

- CAD to ANSA Translators . Porting product data and meta-data from diverse CAD systems to CAE pre-processing is a challenging task that requires advanced and configurable tools. The CAD data to ANSA translators meet the industries requirements by offering a wide portfolio of supported CAD formats, settings and options. Offered with ANSA or as add-on to it, the translators, allow the trouble-free kick off of the CAE processing.

- EPILYSIS serves as a contemporary solution in the field of Finite Element Analysis, embodying the accumulated knowledge from 30 years of collaboration with the CAE community. It covers numerous solution types and intends to bridge the gap between pre- and post- processing for disciplines such as Structural, NVH, Optimization, and more.

About BETA CAE Systems. BETA CAE Systems is a private engineering software company committed to the development of state of the art CAE software systems that meet the requirements of all simulation disciplines. The company’s products, the ANSA pre-processor/ EPILYSIS solver and META post-processor suite, and SPDRM, the simulation-process-data-and-resources manager, hold a worldwide leading position across a range of industries, including the automotive, railway vehicles, aerospace, motorsports, chemical processes engineering, energy, electronics, heavy machinery, power tools, and biomechanics.

Product: BETA CAE Systems
Version: 19.1.2
Supported Architectures: x64
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Language: english
System Requirements: PC
Supported Operating Systems: Windows 7even or newer
Size: 2.0 Gb
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BETA-CAE Systems 19.1.2