Biblioscape Librarian Edition 8.0

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Biblioscape Librarian Edition 8.0

Biblioscape Librarian Edition 8.0 | 26.1 MB | win

Biblioscape is designed to help researchers collect and manage bibliographic data, take notes while doing research, and generate citations and bibliographies for publication. Biblioscape Professional can compile your notes into a final draft with a table of contents and an index. Biblioscape Librarian can be used to manage a small library. You can use Biblioscape to manage all your research information.

*Capture references from the Web
*Automatically find related references
*Search the library catalog of universities
*Display the full text in PDF or HTML
*Take notes inside the reference editor
*Assemble notes to build a composition outline
*Write theses and books inside Biblioscape.
*Publish your Biblioscape database on the Web