BitRock InstallBuilder Enterprise 6.0.3

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BitRock InstallBuilder Enterprise 6.0.3

BitRock InstallBuilder Enterprise 6.0.3 | 78.54 Mb

BitRock InstallBuilder is a development tool for building crossplatform installers for desktop and server software. With InstallBuilder, you can quickly create professional installers for Linux, Windows, Mac OS X, Solaris and other platforms from a single project file and build environment. In addition to installers, InstallBuilder will generate RPM and Debian packages and multiplatform CDs/DVDs. Its new automatic update functionality makes it easy to deliver updates directly to your users once they have your software installed.

Save Development Time

From one project file and build machine, you can generate both crossplatform installers and native packages for every supported platform, saving you from having to build and maintain separate project files. XML-based project files and a command line interface make it easy to integrate InstallBuilder installers into version control and automated build systems. An easy to use GUI makes creating and editing installers a fast, user-friendly process.

Reduce support costs

Providing easy to use installers for every platform you support will significantly reduce the number of incoming support requests you receive. Using InstallBuilder's update functionality, you can keep your users running the best available version of your software, so they don't run into bugs that have been fixed in a later release.

Provide smaller, faster installers

Installers generated with InstallBuilder are up to 30% smaller than their Java-based counterparts. Because InstallBuilder installers do not require a self-extraction step, they are faster and require less overhead than those that are Java-based.