CA Desktop DNA Migrator v11.1.1.5

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CA Desktop DNA Migrator v11.1.1.5

CA Desktop DNA Migrator v11.1.1.5 | 46.8 Mb

CA Desktop DNA Migrator helps you have a secure data migration by transferring all of the contents from existing PCs to new ones. It not only moves the users’ files, but also the entire personality of the machine down to the wallpaper.
Key Features

New! Improved Performance - With the latest performance improvements, migrations are up to 50% faster than previous releases, creating a migration speed that is unmatched in the industry.

New! Improved Automated Disk-Spanning - Automatically span DNA files to the size of a CD-ROM and place the files in a folder on your desktop for easy movement to a CD-ROM, DVD, or other removable media.

Easy-to-Use Wizard Interface - Quickly guides you through the steps to perform the migration that is right for you.

Flexible Migration Methods - Choose between a real-time or a deferred migration option: quickly stream your PC's DNA directly from your old PC to your new PC using an Ethernet crossover cable or create a DNA file to transfer to your new PC or use for backup.

Easy-to-Use Migration Types - Perform a typical migration of your most popular settings and data in just a few easy steps or you may customize exactly what you want transferred to your new PC.

Cross-Operating System and Application Migration - The settings you have customized on your old PC and in the older versions of your applications will seamlessly migrate to the new version of the operating system and application.

Easy Backup - Schedule backups of your DNA file to run on a recurring basis and save it to a CD or DVD to protect your settings and data from an unforeseen incident. The recurring capture will only collect the changes since the last time your DNA was stored.

Migration Progress - The Migration Status on the left side of the screen always lets you know where you are in your migration process.

Summary Screens - Track the success of the migration and monitor the overall progress.

Undo File - If you are not happy with the results of your migration, simply click the Undo file and do the migration again.

Web Update - Keeps your software up to date all the time.