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CAST v0.9.11

Posted By: ccc123
CAST v0.9.11

CAST v0.9.11
Win | English | .rar | 5 mb

CAST utilizes a single interface for creation or modification of strut-and-tie models, truss analysis, selection of reinforcing steel, and capacity checks of the struts and nodes.

Graphical User Interface

Define D-Region boundaries graphically
Define strut-and-tie models graphically and numerically
Guidelines, grid points, and snap tools for accurate dimensioning
Toolbars and dialog boxes for defining common elements, such as the imposed loadings, material properties, supports, and bearing plates
Templates for common truss models
Standard drawing and editing features, such as cut, copy, paste, delete, undo, redo, move, find, glue, and unglue
Easy access to member information by mouse right button click
Display of structural model, including reinforcement positions, labels, and areas, in multiple windows with various zooming and panning options
Context sensitive online help

Analysis Types

Design calculations (evaluation of truss member forces and truss member dimensions)
Detailed analysis of nodal zones
Simple truss capacity prediction
Load-deformation analysis
Truss Solution
Truss analysis and stress check at command
Statically indeterminate trusses
Truss stability checked with warning messages
Illustration of member forces and identification of member characteristics for dimensioning
Pushover analysis per user-defined stress-strain relationships of struts and ties with options to use load-controlled or displacement-controlled

Multiple Load Cases and/or
Strut-and-tie Models

Organize multiple load cases and/or strut-and-tie models in one database
Present multiple load cases and/or strut-and-tie models in multiple windows

Truss Member Dimensioning
Manual or automatic selection of effective widths of struts
Single or multiple layers of tie reinforcement
Checks of bearing plate stresses
Quick check of the adequacy of strut-and-tie model components through color identification
Support explicitly ACI Code requirements
Output Features

Graphical and tabular output

Create customized text input echo and/or output files
Created design summaries including graphics in Microsoft Word Document format
Create input echo and/or output tables in Microsoft Excel format
Create graphics printout with print preview
Export graphics into AutoCAD DXF and Bitmap files
Create response quantity plots obtained from load-deformation analysis in Microsoft Excel format
Display response history obtained from load-deformation analysis


Support SI, US customary, and old metric units interchangeable during the design
Support user-defined and ASTM Standard Reinforcing Bars (ASTM A615/A615M)
Unit converter for helping convert physical quantities from one unit to another
Built-in calculator for editable text boxes
Customizable windows and toolbars